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CFA CH Fluffygrape’s Sweet Snickerdoodles

Show April 4 & 5, 2009

8 Rings by France Cat Fanciers Villebon 

Marge Collier ( AB)  - Vicki Abeleson AB - Jan Stevens AB -  Jodi Garisson AB –

Carollynn Lyons AB – Kathy Black AB – Betty White AB – Jan Rogers AB

I was in Paris it was whole new experience for me.
I contemplated heavily about attending the show in France but after a lot of
friends insisted again that I go... I travelled to Paris for the next to the
last show of the 08/09 season. There was a new line up of judges who are not
frequently here in the ID. I found this to be a most pleasant surprise and
an everlasting experience. My cream tabby gets to have a chance, yeah
 “Cream tabby” judges, because after so many experiences on these colours that judges have problems to make a distinction between cameos, cream, smokes.  My Persian Snicker did extremely well I was really shocked about it..

 I hope to see even more judges in the future who rarely judge on the European
shows in benefit for a healthy show program ...the experience was very nice!  At the end I find out that there was mistaken about the colours of Snickers ( cream Tabby)

He was judges as Shaded cameo, I was  really chocked because he is agouti cream tabby. After all they have corrected the colour of this boy

I was surprises again that none of the judges find out it was cream tabby and NOT cameo ( silver) tabby, that different colours are very visible. I think when

he was corrected written as Cream tabby he did more at the shows but I am pleased with these points as well and that he gains 130 points on one show.

 Marge Collier ( AB)

Best Champioen

Beste LH. CH.

 Vicki Abeleson

3th best LH CH.

 Jan Stevens

3 rd Best CH & Best LH CH

 Jodi Garisson

3rd best Ch & best LH CH

 Total amount of grand points 130

CFA CH Fluffygrape’s Sweet Snickerdoodles

Show Antwerpen – Zandvliet Belgium

February 13 & 14 2010

 8 rings

Wain harding AB – Becky Orlando AB –Peer Vanwonterghem AB – Michael Schleissner AB – George Cherrie AB – Arie Groenewegen AB – Kayoko Koizumi AB – Olga Grebneva


I had decide to go to the last show  hopefully to grand this cat before I stop definitive with my hobby was nice good bye but I know what will happen again, wasn’t big surprise same judges.

Yes this wonderful boy did something.

Second best tabby by

Kayoko Koizumi - Arie groenewegen - Becky Orlando - Michael Schleissner

 Fluffygrape’s Crackled Plush

Brown Tby/white female

Feline Fanciers of Benvelux

Februarie 17 – 18, 2007

Judge Wain Travethon AB

3rd Best Kitten

Dutch Purrpuss Club

The Nederlands, Wijchen March 3-4 2007

Judge Red Bockman

Longhair specialty

5th Best Kitten




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