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My Lost Love


Am. Ch. + Eur. Ch. Fluffygrape's Silver Toyboy

Silver mac.Tabby  male
sire: Int.Ch & US GRC. Donaron's Little Duce Coupe x dam: Ch. Fluffygrape's Peach Blossom

* Club winner NLKV '97/98 10th Best Cat - NLKV '98/99 6th Best Cat.
* Club winner NPV '99/2000 First Place (Silver mack. Tabby)
* Club winner NKFV '97/98 7th Best & NKFV '98/99 13th Best Topcat

On 02/08/03, I lost my precious and gorgeous silver tabby male. One of the best males in the silver tabby lines. He past away at the young age of almost ± 4 ½ years and he is cremated on the same day. Unfortunately he is the last cat out this combination. It was not his time to go but unfortunately his destiny was unforgettably for us. We will never forget this very dainty and fantastic boy,he will stay always in our thoughts and we are always grateful that he was with us in our small cattery.

We must never forget we working with very vulnerable animals
and they deserved many respect and love from US!

I breed very selectively and with care. Almost all my Fluffy males
breed one or two females in 24 months. Its very important to breed
quality and health with my own built up and unique Fluffy lines
I never do the same combination two times. My males and females
are not for producing more and more kittens! I believe in quality not quantity!

To whom it might concern,

On June 04, 2000 I have sold this Shaded Cameo male with a legal contract to a breeder in Germany, She says she don't have this male anymore and this is in violation with the contract we had. I have tried everything to find him but I can't. Please If someone has seen or hear about this cameo male from our Fluffy cattery, please contact me as soon as possible!

Regards, Jan

Am. Ch. + Int.Ch. Fluffygrape's Little Dinky Toy
Shaded Cameo
born:March 3.1999.
Pedigree # NLKV 99-413 & CFA 1354-1257611
Dutch Chip number: 528210001006179
sir: Am. Ch. + Eur. Ch. Fluffygrape's Silver Toyboy X
dam: Gr.Int.Ch & US Ch. Fluffygrape's Dream Toy

* Club winner NLKV '99/2000 First Place

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