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Our trip to a cats show in Kiev, Ukraine

My dad and I went to Kiev by means of an invitation of the Rolandus catclub on December 4 & 5 - 2004. Our trip through Kiev let us see what an interesting, historical city Kiev is, full of old monumental buildings. It was really worth the while for me to visit Kiev.

Mikhailovskiy Gold - Domed and the Monastery and The National Reserve - ST. SOFIA'S CATHEDRAL attracted me and made such an impression on me because of the quite nice sight of the golden towers and roofs.

Our first experience of Kiev was in December 2004. All started completely well after our arrival in Kiev. At first we were a bit concerned because the customs at the Kiev’ airport made us feel that way, a bit frightened. We were a bit anxious but after a while our concerns and our fears went away. That was because the customs let us go to our hotel.

When we were there begin December there was a large “Orange Demonstration” in the Ukrainian capital, Kiev, to protest against alleged fraud in the presidential election. Pro-western opposition leader Viktor Yushchenko called the protest rally after early results showed a malignant lead for his opponent, pro-Russian Prime Minister Viktor Yanukovich. Mr. Yushchenko had leg widely tipped to wins the run-off and has called on the Kiev government to acknowledge his victory. I have never seen so many people gathering to protest and support the Orange demonstration.

And all this at the most important square of Kiev in the middle of the centre: The Independence square ("Maidan Nezalezhnosti").All the demonstrators were dressed in Orange. Great view!

The cats show was fantastic.
On the Rolandus cat club we have met our friends whom we just had contact with through the internet. That was a very nice experience, to meet the persons personally. I have to confess that it has been a long time that we have enjoyed ourselves at a show like we did last shows in Kiev. Nice, sociable and therefore a pleasant show the environment is open and wanting to be helpful to one another. Jealousy was not in the neighborhood. My father and I met a lot of people with whom we just had contact with through the internet. That was a very nice experience, to meet the persons personally. Respect was highly present. Something which I have missed lately.

Our second trip to Kiev was in April 2 & 3 -2005. for us the second trip was really successful for our cat. Like the first trip we went to visit some historical buildings. I think that Kiev is such a big city that it would take more than two visits for me to be able to see all of the beauty of this fine city.

With this opportunity I would like to thank my friends who made it possible for me to get to know and meet people. Also special thanks to the Rolandus cat club for what they have done for my father and me.... ! Thanks for everything!
And last but not the least my greatest Thanks to my parents. Without them this all would not be possible. This is an expensive hobby but still my parents stand by me!!

I will show you all some pictures from those two cat shows and the quite nice sight of the golden towers and roofs The National Reserve - ST. SOFIA’S CATHEDRAL and Milkhailovskiy Gold-Domed Monastery also The Independence Square.

Rolandus Cat club Kiev Ukraine December 4 & 5 - 2004.

AB Judge Svetlana Brodskaya 2e place

Thanks to AB Judge Svetlana Brodskaya!

"Whiskers" is finally allowed to the GRC after her performance in her first final.
"Twisted Whiskers" is judged and chosen by an Ukranian AB judge named Svetlana Brodskaya. I'm proud that Svetlana has appointed "Twisted Whiskers" second
best Cat end second best Longhair & Champion. Also "Twisted
Whiskers" has done 7 finals totally with very good results.
GRC Fluffygrape's Twisted Whiskers ended 3th Best cat of the Rolandus Catclub.


Show Results of Twisted Whiskers:
Arie Groenewegen 4th best Cat and 2nd Best LH CH and CH.
Elena Gnatkovich 9th Best cat
Galina Dubrovskaya 7th Best Cat
George Cherrie 2nd Best Cat and 2nd Best LH CH and CH.
Irina Kharchenko 9th Best Cat
Joan Miller - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Peter Vanwonterghem 4th Best Cat and 2th Best LH CH and CH.
Svetlana Brodskaya 2nd Best Cat and 2nd Best LH CH and CH.

Blue Jewel ended 4th Best Kitten in the finals of AB judge Elena Gnatkovich .

We came out of the finals of AB judge Galina Dubrovskaya Blue Jewel was there 3th best Kitten It was the first show of Fluffygrape's Blue Jewel of China a blue mc tbby female on picture ±6 months. She ended 8Th Best kitten of the Rolandus CatClub.

Show Results of Blue Jewel of China:
Arie Groenewegen ...............................
Elena Gnatkovich 4th Best Kitten
Galina Dubrovskaya 3th Best Kitten
George Cherrie .................................
Irina Kharchenko ................................
Joan Miller 8th Best Kitten
Peter Vanwonterghem 4th best Kitten
Svetlana Brodskaya .................................
Blue Jewel ended 8Th Best kitten of the Rolandus CatClub.

Rolandus Cat club Kiev Ukraine April 2 & 3 -2005.

AB Judge L. Watson

AB judge Irina Tokmakova

This show was for us a big surprise both of my tabbies come regular in the finals Twisted did very well at the show she ended BEST CAT OF THE SHOW of the Rolandus Cat club that's really a treat for me!

Results of GRC Twisted Whiskers
Brian Moser 2nd Best Cat
Brean Pearson 2nd Best Cat
Inna Shustrova 2nd Best Cat
Irina Tokmakova Best Cat
Olga Korotonogkina 5th Best Cat
Olga Arsenkina 5th Best Cat
Nancy Dodds 3th Best Cat
Liz Watson Best Cat

AB Judge Brian Pearson

AB Judge Nacy Dodds

Our biggest surprise was Ch Fluffygrape's Little Miss Coupe, she came regular in the finals which had never happened before All the excitement around the successes of my silver tabby Persians was really a big Surprise for me. One I will never forget. Miss Coupe ended 10 BEST CAT OF THE SHOW and almost became Grand Champion. She was only missing 9 points for her Grand Title. It was very poignant for me, Little Miss Coupe be come Grand Champion at the show in Austria finally. We were really relieved and excited with these achievements.

Show Results of CH. Fluffygrape's Little Miss Coupe (blue silvr.Patched mc tby)
Brian Mozer ------------------
Brean Pearson 8th Best Cat & 3rd Best CH. - 3rd. Best LH CH
Inna Shustrova ------------------
Irina Tokmakova 7th Best Cat & 3rd Best CH. - 3rd. Best LH CH
Olga Korotonogkina -----------------
Olga Arsenkina -----------------
Nancy Dodds 9th Best cat & 2nd Best LH CH
Liz Watson 10 best Cat

Little Miss Coupe has become Grand Champion at the show in Austria

Cat'R" Us 16 & 17 April 2005 Wr. Neustadt Austria

AB Judge Nancy Dodds
Miss Coupe Best CH. - Best LH CH

My biggest dream was to granded one of my silver tabbies Persians purely for recognition... and as you know that is very difficult, certainly in Europe as the cat has some disadvantages such as dilute silver tabby color and mackerel pattern.
Finally after 3½ years, my cat CH. Fluffygrape's Little Miss Coupe a blue silver Patched mc tby gained Sunday in Austria at the club CATS 'R' US on April 16/17, her last GRC points at Wain Harding ring and gained its title GRC my biggest dream come true, she
is my first GRC silver Patched mc tby!!! Little Miss Coupe is 3rd silver tabby which is granded and bred in Europe, GRC Bologhshof Tin solder was the first, and second was GRC Fluffygrape's Touch or Joy of Exotic Style and in third place GRC FLuffygrape's Little Miss Coupe.You cannot imaging how happy I am at the moment.

At this occasion I wish to thank the judges Nancy Dodds, Wain Harding and Brain Moser, who have nevertheless chosen in their championship final for silver tabby.

Results of GRC Fluffygrape's Little Miss Coupe
Nancy Dodds Best CH. - Best LH CH
Wain Harding 3rd. Best LH CH
Darrell Newkirk ------------------------------------
Norma Placchi -----------------------------------
Bob Zanda ----------------------------------
Brian Moser 2nd Best LH CH


Sightseeing through some places of Kiev.

After the show; our trip through Kiev let us see what an interesting, historical city Kiev is, full of old monumental buildings like the Mikhailovskiy Gold - Domed and the Monastery and The National Reserve - ST. SOFIA'S CATHEDRAL and the famous Square, I will show you some pictures of them.


The Independence square is the central square of Kiev-city.On this square was the famous large “Orange Demonstration” that was begin December 2004. My dad and I was last year December 2004 and have experience this incredible “Orange Demonstration” We where very imprested about that.


According to legend, St. Sofia’s Cathedral was built on the spot where Yaroslav the Wise won a decisive victory over the nomadic Pechenegs.

For Yaroslav the Wise, the building of St. Sofia’s Cathedral was an act of assertion of the state power of Kyivan Rus. As a sign of the state’s status as the successor to the citadel of the Orthodox Church - Byzantium - the cathedral of Kyiv’s metropolitans was named after St. Sofia - the major holy place of Constantinople. According to the religious interpretation, the Greek word «Sofia» (wisdom) represented the embodiment of the Lord’s Wisdom - Jesus Christ. In the historical literature we find two dates for the beginning of its construction - 1017 or 1037. The correct date is a subject of argument to this day.
In the 17th century, a monastery was established in the Cathedral’s precincts. It existed till 1786, after which it became the residence of Kyiv’s metropolitans. In 1934 the site was turned into a state architectural and historic reserve - now known as the National Reserve - St. Sofia’s Cathedral. In 1990 it was inserted on the UNESCO World Heritage List. Now it is used as a museum. MONASTERY


Back in the 11th century the Dmitriyevskiy Monastery stood here. It was founded by the Prince Isyaslav Yaroslavich of Kyiv (Christian name - Dmitri). In July 1108 his son Sviatopolk (Christian name - Mikhail) started to build the stone Mikhailovska church inside the monastery built by his father. The dome was plated with gold, and the new cathedral and later the whole monastery became known as the Mikhailovskiy Gold-Domed.
There is information that it was in the yard of the Mikhailovskiy Monastery that Grigory Rasputin first met the relatives of the tsar, who opened his way to the state palaces. Along the northern border of the monastery extends the block of Barbara cells. Other cells on the side of Triokhsviatitelska Street are adjoining the bell tower.

the entrance to the GOLD-DOMED MONASTERY

Outside it was beautiful but inside was really a dream it was fantastic and it made such an impression on me because of the quite nice sight of the golden towers and roofs, the lovely colors and hand painting on the walls floors etc etc.

This picture was made behind the GOLD-DOMED MONASTERY

To the side of this building there was a lovely Pergola in the same style as the GOLD-DOMED MONASTERY.

My advise is to go to the Ukraine and you will experience a wonderful,
instructive time you will never forget.
The Ukraine, a land of hospitality and respect for one another

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