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PKD/DNA Free Cattery

To know what Cattery Fluffygrape has done for the health of his cats



With the PKD hysteria which started in the beginning of 1998 many breeders had their own opinion and doubts about the PKD test issue. Especially I was concerned of the well-being and health of my breeding program. I was one of the first breeders who contacted Professor G. Voorhouts of the University of Utrecht. He is a well-known specialist ECVDI in European Radiology. He tested, registered and chipped  all of my breeding cats for PKD with the highest MHz by radiology. Everything was to be recorded at the University of Utrecht. At that time it was the only and the best possible way to get the cats tested for PKD and with this I saved my old and precious lines.

In 2003 my whole cattery was PKD-free. Now we know that ultrasound scan is not a guarantee for 100 % PKD- free cats; nowadays there are new and better tests for 100 % free of PKD. In December 2004 UC Davis announced the genetic DNA-test. (to know for sure that the cat carries no PKD genes.

I do consider that itís my duty to be responsible for the wellbeing and health of my cats. As a breeder I have to ensure myself that I work (breed) with healthy cats. Therefore I made an appointment with the veterinarian for my cats so they will get a check-up every year so I will be sure that they stay healthy.  In June 2006 I tested all of my cats for PKD/DNA by genetic Counceling Services with the Lyons method. As a result of earlier tests (radiology) a few years back and the DNA tests now, my cats came out negative for those tests.

PKD and DNA/ ECVDI Tested by:

Facultyís veterinary medicine
University of Utrecht

Departement diagnostic establish a certain image

Dr. G. Voorhouts, veterinary Radiology

Yalelaan 10

De Uithof, Utrecht
3508 TD Utrecht, the Netherlands 
Phone; 0031.(030) 2531258 
Fax; 0031 (030) 2543369

Genetic Counselling Services
Examination according method Lyons, Lesly A. et al.

Veterinaire business drs. Peter Prins and Ir. Ed. J. Gubbels

Weeresteinstraat 45

2182 GR Hillegom
The Netherlands

Phone: 0031 ( 0252) 532284



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