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My name is Jan and I'm born and raised in the big and very dynamic city of 's-Hertogenbosch, in the south of Holland. I live there with all my cats that can move freely around my house. I want to inform all you cat lovers out there about my small cattery "Fluffygrape Persians". Itís my hobby and passion since 1990 I breed and take care of Persians cats. I've started with breeding the beautiful Shaded Cameo, for I like its character, image and gigantic light Cameo colour. My aims were to breed the beautiful Cameos for always. I was, and still am, very fond of the Cameo and its colours. The most important result what I want to achieve is to breed a very beautiful and healthy cat (Persian) with a beautiful expression and colour and with a good balanced body.


I've been searching for a long time and with patience for a very beautiful Persian Cameo male. In 1995 I've bought a Shaded Cameo male from a breeder in California (USA). I'm very fond and proud of this Shaded Cameo male GRC Donaron Little Duce Coupe. For this cat has given me cats, kittens with dear expressive faces and tabby stripes (Silver Tabby Kittens), which I learn to appreciate. Now I love Tabbies too. Especially Silver Tabbies in different colours. At the moment I have 7 generations Persian cats on my name. Iím particularly fond of The Silver Tabby. I find it very important to breed selectively with health and care, beautiful Silver Tabby & tabby and I will keep my Fluffy - Look in my cats.


My Silver Tabbies do well at CFA shows. I only hope that more CFA judges appreciate a beautiful silver tabby longhair (The lost Jewels under the tabbies) for giving the recognition by making some silver tabbies Grand in Europe.  I think that that is a welcome wish under the silver tabby breeders!

Most Silver Tabbies of me have won several prices at the traditional European shows, like for instance the many club prices from the club NLKV, NPV and NKFV in a range from the 10th Best Cat till the first Best Cat. In the year 2001 my little Brown Patched Tabby female Persian "Bubbles of Pleasure" became International CFA 2000-2001 Division Winner 10 th BEST KITTEN and SECOND BEST IN BREED and on the Adults list International CFA 16th Best Cat. She was Grand Champion in 1Ĺ CFA show and ( DW) Division Winner on her age of almost 9 months and in 2001 -2002 she is CFA International Division Winner 2nd BEST CAT & BEST IN BREED TABBY and CFA 2002 National Award of second Best Brown patched tabby in the tabby division. Her full brother GRC Fluffygrape's Touch of Joy have won several CFA prices like the CFA 2002 International Division Winner 3 Best Tabby -Tabby Division and CFA 2002 National Award of Best Silver tabby in the Tabby division.

Last but not the least

I think itís really sad that my parents became disappointed during all these years. Therefore they donít like the shows anymore. Nevertheless I want to say special thanks to my parents for all the help they have given me, all the facilities they have created for me in order to build this small cattery. I hope to be able to breed so that the Fluffy-Look, that is creating beautiful and healthy cats, will stay for a long time.

Sincerely yours, Jan

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Cattery Fluffygrape Persians
Jan Meulesteen

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