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"Kitties with the Fluffylook"


For me it's very important to breed quality and health with my own built up Fluffygrape lines
My females/males are not for producing more and more kittens! I believe in quality not quantity!

Cattery Fluffygrape have kittens available out of the combination:

Dam: GRC DW Fluffygrape’s Twisted Whiskers (brown mc tortie tabby)

Sire: CH Fluffygrape Snickerdoodles ( cream tabby)


Fluffygrape’s Choco Dip

Brown tabby male (At the picture 16 months)

It’s a fabulous sweet boy with a great expression on his face

Short body with heavy weight and a round head with a very fantastic smooth round doming and right headset tiny ears. Everything’s of this kitten is short and massive, heavy paws very imposing the brown colour on this boy is very warm.

Choco is a real charmer and love to be hugged.

( picture I made march 20, 2011 )

Fluffygrape’s Ultimate Pleasurea blue tabby

Blue tabby male ( at the picture 6 months)

Its real pleasure for the new owners that got him (not available anymore)

Cattery Fluffygrape have kittens available out of the combination:

Dam; Fluffygrape’s Betty Boop (silver patched tabby/white)

Sire: Fluffygrape’s I Believe (silver tabby)

Fluffygrape’s Silver Bullet

Silver tabby classic male

This silver tabby kitten with a round head and brown eyes

with a very good doming and right headset.

Incredible sweet character!! heavy and stocky body

with lots of coat.

Fluffygrape’s Sweet Witchcraft,

Black tortie

With a lovely mixed tortie colour.

The girl have fantastic sweet playful character.

Very tinny ears and a perfect doming.

The eyes are a dream and she is really witchcraft, playful and very naughty

( picture I made March 20, 2011 )

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